United States, Weekly Lesson Plan


Geography: Hawaii

tlccontent (5)
Hawaii: The Aloha State 
 by: Marcia Amidon Lusted

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Uniquely Hawaii  by: Geok Yian Goh

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National Parks of the U.S.A.  by: Kate Siber

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Froggy Goes to Hawaii  
by: Jonathan London

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Grandma Calls Me Beautiful  by: Barbara M. Joosse


History: Duke Kahanamoku

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Surfer of the Century: The Life of Duke Kahanamoku  by: Ellie Crowe

tlccontent (9)
Duke Kahanamoku  by: Laurie Calkhoven


Science: Volcanoes

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Inside Volcanoes  by: Melissa Stewart

tlccontent (3)
The Magic School Bus Presents Volcanoes and Earthquakes  by: Tom Jackson

DirtMeister’s Nitty Gritty Planet Earth  by: Steve Tomecek



  • Make a lei for each member of your family out of tissue paper, cupcake liners, ribbons, and beads
  • Have a luau! (we invited the kids’ grandparents over and had a chicken supper with fresh pineapple, watched a how to hula video, and hula danced to some of the songs from the movie “Moana.”
  • Watch “Magic School Bus: Blows Its Top”
  • Watch “Reading Rainbow: Hill of Fire”
  • Do the magma experiment on page 47 of Nitty Gritty Earth
  • Do the hei activity in the back of Grandma Calls Me Beautiful



United States, Weekly Lesson Plan


Geography: Alaska

tlccontent (4)
Alaska: The Last Frontier  
by: Marcia Amidon Lusted

State-by-State Atlas  
by: Justine Ciovacco

tlccontent (5)
Tlingit Indians  
by: Suzanne Williams

tlccontent (6)
Being Caribou  
by: Karston Heuer  (we just looked at the pictures)


tlccontent (9)
Mama, Do You Love Me?  
by: Barbara M. Joosse

tlccontent (11)
Arctic White 
by: Danna Smith

You’re Snug With Me  
by: Chitra Soundar

tlccontent (2)
The Bear Report  
by: Thyra Heder

tlccontent (8)
The Eyes of Gray Wolf  
by: Jonathan London

Science: Sled Dogs

tlccontent (1)
Wind-Wild Dog 
by: Barbara M. Joosse

tlccontent (3)
Alaska’s Dog Heroes: True Stories of Remarkable Canines  
by: Shelley Gill

tlccontent (7)
by: Robert J. Blake

History: Balto

tlccontent (10)
The True Story of Balto 
by: Natalie Standiford

Language Arts

Reading: The True Story of Balto  by: Natalie Standiford (Step Into Reading: Step 3)




  • Watch Wild Kratts “Spirit Bear” (S12), “Hero’s Journey Part 1 & 2” (S5, E14&15), “The Fourth Bald Eagle” (S5, E18), “The Mystery of the Two Horned Narwhal” on Amazon Prime
  • Watch polar episode on The Magic School Bus on Netflix
  • Make paper snowflakes
  • Paint the aurora borealis
  • Make a chalk rubbing aurora
  • Watch this video about the aurora borealis 





United States, Weekly Lesson Plan

North Carolina

Hurricane Florence blew through our area and my older son’s school was canceled for a few days and my husband worked from home.  So we didn’t get much done even though this week we studied our home state!  However, at the end of the week we were able to go tour the Biltmore Estate, so I’d call this unit study a success!

Geography: North Carolina



Welcome to the U.S.A.: North Carolina  by: Ann Heinrichs


tlccontent (1)


North Carolina  by: Ann Heinrichs

tlccontent (3)

T is for Tar Heel  by: Carol Crane

tlccontent (2)

Wright Numbers  by: Carol Crane

The Green Gourd: A North Carolina Folktale  by: C.W. Hunter


Exploring Biltmore Estate from A to Z  by: Chris Kinsley


tlccontent (6)

Miss Dorothy and her Bookmobile  by: Gloria Houston

tlccontent (5)

Halloween Scare in North Carolina  by: Eric James



History: The Wright Brothers

tlccontent (7)

The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane  
by: Russell Freedman

tlccontent (4).jpg

Animated Hero Classics: The Wright Brothers DVD




  • Build paper airplanes
  • Eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts
  • Visit the Biltmore Estate!


Activities, United States

Alabama Activities

We continued learning about space, space travel, and spacecraft as we moved from Florida to Alabama.  I used to live in Huntsville so I know about the space center located there.

I told Levi about the rover on Mars named Curiosity.  Levi already had this toy that included a “rover,” so I asked him to name it (he chose Red Rock Rover) and then sent him on a mission outside to collect samples of the planet Earth.  He returned with some rocks and a twig so now we know what Earth is made of and that it can support plant life.


It just so happens that the science lab Levi attends every other week is also learning about outer space.  In this week’s lab they made a nebula in a bottle which looks super cool!


United States, Weekly Lesson Plan


Week 4

Geography: Alabama


by: Mari Kesselring

tlccontent (2)
Alabama Spitfire: The Story of Harper Lee and To Kill a Mockingbird  
by: Bethany Hegedus


History: Space Travel

Science: Spacecraft & Outer Space

tlccontent (1)

The Moon  
by: Tim Furniss

tlccontent (3)

Seven Wonders of the Solar System  
by: David A. Aguilar



Blast Off to Space Camp  by: Hillary Wolfe





by: Jenny Fretland Vanvoorst




  • Send a rover (Legos, K’nex, etc) to collect samples of Earth
  • Watch “Reading Rainbow: Hot Air Henry”
  • Look at pictures of the space center/space camp in Huntsville
  • Make a nebula in a bottle
  • Oreo moon phases


United States, Weekly Lesson Plan


Week 3

Geography: Florida

tlccontent (9)


Uniquely Florida  by: Bob Knotts


History: Space Travel



Astronaut Firsts  by: Sue L. Hamilton


index (1)


Kennedy Space Center  by: David West Reynolds


index (4)

One Giant Leap: The Story of Neil Armstrong  by: Don Brown


index (2)


One Giant Leap  by: Robert Burleigh


tlccontent (1)


Armstrong: The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon  by: Torben Kuhlmann




If I Were an Astronaut  by: Eric Braun


Science: Manatees

tlccontent (2)


Manatees  by: Katie Marsico


tlccontent (3)


Florida Manatees  by: Meish Goldish
index (3)

Slow Down for Manatees  
by: Jim Arnosky


tlccontent (4)


The Mystery of Pelican Cove  by: Milly Howard  (week long read aloud)




Kobee Manatee: Heading Home to Florida  by: Robert Scott Thayer



  • Color in Florida on the U.S. map in the notebook
  • Build a rocket out of Legos
  • Watch “Magic School Bus: Gets Lost in Space” (S1, E1) on Netflix
  • Watch “Bill Nye the Science Guy: Gravity” on Netflix
  • Watch “Octonauts and the Manatees” (S2, E19) on Netflix


Activities, United States

Pinch Pot Fun

20180829_154434      20180829_154441

We learned about Dave the Potter and how he created amazing pots as well as amazing poems.  We read Dave, the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave by Laban Carrick Hill.  It was beautifully illustrated and Dave’s poems were included at the end of the book after the story of his life.


After we read the book, Levi made his own pot out of Crayola Air Dry Clay.  I think it would be fun to make up a poem and carve it into a pot, but Levi was happy with just carving his name.